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Ife Tolentino - Steve Pierce Duo 

Brazilian popular music is a musical world , a space where all the subjects in the world are spoken, where questions are asked  through songs across generations, where questions are answered and   

argued every time people get together to sing and play this living library.

This project has been a space for exploration of the world of the Brazilian Songbook and has developed into a rich experience which we want to take and share with audiences.


If you think you know Brazil, then be prepared for a journey to the unexpected; the elegance of the samba ballad, the subtlety and poetry, the variety of rhythms, getting down with the rocking Baião from the northeast, or our pocket samba school; a two guitar sambadrome , or the gnarly poetic depth of the Brazilian ballad and the bossa nova.



Photo by  Rosa Gauditano 

Gigs  2018

JazzLive at The Crypt , Camberwell SE5 8JB

Fri 19th Oct |  Double bill  with Adriana Vasques  +  Marius Rodrigues(dr)

Reading International Festival - Pau Brasil , Reading 

Sat 27th Oct | Um Gosto de Sol..

 A Series  of Shows in partnership (and dialogue ) with Reading University Film and Television Studies  Season : Contemporary Brazilian Music Film

at Pau Brasil , Reading


Sat 27 Jan | Cartola – People’s poet 

Sat 03 Feb | Jobim – Tones for Tom 

Sat 10th Feb | Elis – The voice 

Sat 10th Feb | Tropicalia –Utopic/Dystopic/Kaleidoscopic

Sat 24th Feb | Chico –  Artista Brasileiro

Sat 03rd Mar | Bezerra –  Malandro é malandro! 

Sat 17th Mar | Elza – Fiercely Elza

Sat 24th Mar | Sanfona– Influence of the Accordionists   

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Music Tells A Story

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Photo by Daniel Catinin Pierce 


Ife Tolentino - songwriter, singer , is guitar and vocal since the 1970s has played and recorded with a who’s who of Brazilian music and the cream of British jazz. see more here at his personal web page. (

Steve Pierce – Guitar, went to Brazil for the first time in the late 1980s after meeting the music of Brazil, and Hermeto Pascoal. Gigging since the age of 16 in mainstream, post bop , experimental Jazz, Brazilian music had a stronger and stronger pull. Playing project based bands at WOMAD, took some time out to do a music degree at Royal Holloway.  This duo is the perfect space to communicate the rich and complex background which makes Brazilian music so involving.

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